One Year of Gaming and Back to Raiding

Last year, around March, I started what would become the first playthrough of what I now call LawfulGeek Plays. It was Tomb Raider: Underworld and it was the first game in a plan to play through the entire classic series—starring the original Lara Croft that is—in reverse order, starting with Underworld and ending with the original 1996 Tomb Raider.

Sadly, between the insanity inducing Tomb Raider: Chronicles and The Last Revelation and the compatibility issues the original three games had with my computer, I had to scrap the project at the time. But after months of playing other things—and recovering some of those sweet sanity points—I’m thinking of giving it another go and will pick up from where I left off, with Tomb Raider 3.

But it won’t be the same format as before. Tomb Raider games are fairly long and it’s often that you go for fifteen minutes of recording without actually accomplishing much, so I’m thinking of doubling down on the episode length, with half an hour episodes.

But before we get into that, and as a form of homage to the playthrough that put me on this very fun path of content creation, I’ve created the below video compiling all my deaths in Tomb Raider: Underworld. And while I’m working on my recording environment—still having some issues with the Blue Microphones shock mount for my Yeti—I will go down the list of all the previous Tomb Raider playthroughs listing up all my painful demises. I can predict that as we shift from the Crystal Dynamics games to the original Core titles, the number of deaths will increase exponentially…as will the on-camera cursing.

Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation’s nonsense—to avoid saying a more appropriate word—made me swear on camera, first time outside of live broadcasting for that to happen. It’s something I think I might do a lot more in the future when I play this series, and none of it will be on purpose!

Please enjoy the video and let me know in the poll if you’d like these longer-format episodes or would like for me to stick with 15 minutes instead.

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