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I’ll be honest, I was planning on having the first of my new short stories for you today, but I did go through a giant rant the other day about taking the time to make the stuff I write be as good as it can be, so I decided against it, so I can finish it properly, edit it as I should and polish it to near perfection for a story I came up with while riding the train back from the Bristol GeekOut Meetup.

But I do want to let you know that I have fun stuff coming, some stories I’ve had bouncing around my head for a while, some of them already started but never finished, in various genres, none of them Romance because if there’s one thing I learned while writing my third novel it’s that romance is not my thing. I’m a sucker or romance, that’s true, I know what makes good narrative romance and what’s bad one, and I can tell a good intense scene if I need to, but an entire novel based on the genre…yeah, not this guy, at least not yet anyway.

Right now I have five stories to work on, two of which are in progress and the others are barely an interesting premise in my mind.

Title: The Lion’s Claw
 Genre Fantasy – No Magic
 Premise The King orders Captain Marius to escort his son to a neighbouring kingdom’s capital to negotiate an alliance, and to protect him at all costs. But to the prince, people are there to serve and die for him, so Marius will have to protect him from the greatest danger: himself.


Title: The Song
 Genre Science-Fiction | Noir
 Premise  A detective tracks a fugitive to a nightclub, but as he takes a look around, the band’s mesmerising music sends him on a trip through his memories, reliving his losses and failures. Will he snap out of it and get his man, or be forever trapped in his past?


Title: Fringes
 Genre Science-Fiction
 Premise Xander Cath lives in the fringes of the Milky Way galaxy, taking odd jobs as a mercenary, always on the move without calling any place home. When a gig comes up promising to set him up for life, with enough credits to keep him safe, Xander’s naturally suspicious but he takes the job anyway, tired of running, tired of not living. But if they catch him, there’s no talking his way out. After all, they want what’s in his blood.


Title:  Crows
 Genre  Science-Fantasy
 Premise The City, in its hunger, devours another metropolis in yet another world, one of darkness and violence, and as it annexes it like all the others, the creatures within spread across their new home on a rampage. The City’s guardians, The Crows, are the first to fall. But there are always new chosen, and Lauren Klein has just landed the most dangerous job in her life…can she stop the tide of darkness?


Title:  The Beast
 Genre  Science-Fantasy
 Premise Bound in chains, Kristoff arrives on Arctus City, a criminal transferred to the Henar Academy. Kristoff has been in dozens of prisons, but nothing could ever prepare him for what he’d find there. He wants to escape, return to the world he knows and understands, but even if he does, would anyone believe him?  Or would his ramblings of Magna, Demons, the Genmod and Arctus City brand him as a lunatic? First he has to escape, and it won’t be easy.

So, those are the stories that are coming in the near future. If you liked the sound of one, vote on the poll below and I’ll make that one a priority!

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6 thoughts on “Back in Fiction!”

    1. Fringes is one of my favourites, a concept I thought of with my brother in law, for a potential comic book. He was excited when I told him I would be publishing a story in that universe.

      I’m good though nervous as all hell at the vote this Thursday. The results can complicate my plans considerably.

      1. Oh my gosh! Don’t say that 🙁 I’m assuming you want to remain. I think that’ll happen anyway, don’t be nervous Kev (do you mind if I call you Kev?)

        How’s the poll coming along for your creative writing? I’m sure my vote did take Fringes into the lead!

      2. Yeah, I don’t mind at all. But yes, I want to stay here.

        Fringes is still leading the poll which is interesting

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