Overwatch and back to Twitch!

So, yesterday I went back to broadcasting on the LawfulGeek channel on Twitch. After more than a month waiting to have the proper setup, it was a gratifying experience. I had a lot of fun with my loyal audience of one…until he left for the night. Then I just kept myself company, but no matter, I’m used to it.

And besides, my interest was in the game I was playing and which I will be playing on stream for the foreseeable future: Overwatch. You may have seen me share a few videos on different matches and highlights and below you’ll find all of them in a nice playlist. So you can consider this a little hands-on first impression article.

I absolutely love Overwatch and as I’ve said a couple of times in the past, it’s the first online shooter I actually like. Now, it could just be because it’s from Blizzard Entertainment and I do so adore our benevolent Warchiefs, but it’s really much more. The mechanics are solid, the balance is right—as much as it hurts to admit—the world is great and the characters are really fun to play.

The maps have different objectives, some are escort missions for a ‘payload’, some are about capturing two locations and then the tug-of-war-like matches where it’s best two-out-of-three on capturing goals. Those matches I adore as there’s no defense, but pure attack, strategy and a good deal of luck.

With my favourite Overwatch character, Genji, my success rate is hit-and-miss, but slowly I’m building up the skills and can take out a few people. During the first day, I screwed up royally when fighting almost anyone, even mirror Genji matches. Now I know how to pick my fights and mostly know when it’s time to run and when it’s time to push on the offensive. I still get greedy at times and pay dearly for it, but overall, I’m improving.

Yesterday I had some Overwatch games with other characters, as Genji’s playstyle didn’t favour the location and the defensive objectives—you can use Genji for defense, but using a defensive-oriented hero is preferred. I absolutely love Torbjörn, aka Mecha Muradin, and his turret building. Bastion is a beast if you can set your turret form in the right place. You can really pick the opposing team apart, particularly their tanks. And finally, there’s Winston. To be honest, I didn’t much care for him at first, but as I played more with him and got the hang of his skills, it got really interesting. I had my first “Play of the Game” with Winston, and it was the turning point for me. Before that no matter what I did, how many kills or how high the streak was, I didn’t get a single highlight or even the “Play of the Game,” but after getting the first one with Winston, I started getting them with the other characters. Maybe it was the confidence boost that win gave me, or maybe I just got better and smarter at playing.

I’m going to be posting Overwatch videos very often now, even outside of my scheduled stream times, which will now be Tuesdays, Thursdays and the occasional Saturday. During the week, I’ll stream 7-10pm and the weekend streams will be much longer and possibly start earlier as well.

The reason for this new schedule is that in the coming months I’ll be joining a gym, on the quest to get in shape, and I’ll be hitting it Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, so those days not only will I arrive late at home, but I’ll be very tired and won’t have the energy to broadcast.

But don’t worry. As you saw last week, I re-started the LawfulGeek Plays series with three days of episodes—the ones I just mentioned as my gym days. Mondays are for Assassin’s Creed II, Wednesdays for Tales of Zestiria and Fridays we’ll leave for Darksiders. And starting this week I’ll also leave you with a recap article on Saturday so you can have all the week’s episodes in one place.

Tonight it’s another Twitch night, so I hope you come to cheer me on or even berate me on my apparent lack of skills on Overwatch! I leave you now with the gameplay playlist!


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