Round Table Discussion – What’s next on LawfulGeek Plays?

This week on The Mental Attic’s YouTube channel, one of my first and longest running Let’s Play series comes to an end (more on that tomorrow) and next week another one will go away. They’ve been fun games and I’ve gotten into the groove of recording multiple series every week. Even now, I’m learning new things, improving my hosting skills and content creation in general. I’m starting to edit videos, think about the presentation and slowly building my own personal brand of entertainment.

And I’m only just beginning.

Two games are going, so of course, two new games need to come in. I already know what one of them is: Darksiders, where I will try to make you all followers of the IKEAn Gospel. I will teach you all the power of furniture and improvised weaponry!

But I’m frankly at a loss for what the second game should be. So I’m coming to you all with some ideas I have, as well as remaining open to your suggestions. If it’s a game I don’t have, I’ll get it and play it. I do wish to say that my current PC isn’t really running current games on max settings and I’ve had to lower them many times to get any form of normal play speed. So when you make your recommendations, please consider that. But as every game has its own requirements, and they tend to vary wildly between one another, don’t be afraid to go big and suggest some of the newest releases. I just mean to say that if I don’t go for your suggestion, it’s because I really can’t do it. I have plans and schemes and plots in motion to get a better rig in the near-ish future, but until that happens, I won’t be able to play everything. Same thing with console gaming. It’s impossible at the moment for me to record playthroughs of console games (or I would have already).

So, without further ado, here are the games I’m thinking of playing next. Please vote on the poll at the end and add your own suggestions to the list if you want to see something else. The game with the highest votes will be the next played and I’ll go down the list as I finish more games.

Dropsy: I played maybe a minute of this quirky and lovable adventure game, and I’ve wanted to go back to it. It’s one of the very few adventure games in history where you move along the plot by helping others and being selfless. Also, the fact there is no text and everything is picture-based makes it intriguing.

Nancy Drew The White Wolf of Icicle Creek: A first-person point & click adventure game, and the sixteenth in the overall Nancy Drew series. I first saw this title played in the GameGrumps channel, and when they quit and moved away from the game, I had the urge to play and finish it. I know it’s frankly immature and stupidly competitive of me, but I’d love to tackle this game as apparently it’s pretty challenging.

Costume Quest 2: The sequel to a very charming game I played last year and a Halloween favourite, Costume Quest 2 has more costumes, better combat and a lot of silly nonsense. Sounds perfect for a Let’s Play.

Star Wars: Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast: I played this game for a while on my Twitch broadcasts and I’ve wanted to go back to it and play it properly. Also, you’ll hear me geek the hell out when I get Kyle’s Lightsaber back.

Assassin’s Creed II: My favourite game in the series! I love Renaissance Italy and the historical references and yes, I do like the modern setting and Desmond Miles, so you’re likely to hear me have long talks about why the character gets more hate than he deserves.

SOMA: I’ve never done a Let’s Play of a Horror game, and one by Frictional games, that I played for a while last Halloween sounds like a cool idea!

White Night: I’ve been playing this game on and off but haven’t gotten very far. Frankly, the black & white ghost setting freaks the hell out of me, so I need the incentive to keep playing it!

Dracula 3: Path of the Dragon: The best game in the Dracula First-Person adventure game series. It’s a complex game, has interesting characters and the puzzles are hard as hell, so this let’s play would also serve as a walkthough for gamers.

The Longest Journey Series: I’d kick it off with The Longest Journey and move on to Dreamfall before hitting Dreamfall Chapters! Hopefully, the last episode of Chapters releases just as I’m finishing Chapter 4.

Batman: Arkham Series: I’m a massive fan of this series (except for Arkham Knight, which I thoroughly despise), and doing Let’s Plays of it sounds like an amazing idea, as I would definitely go for 100% completion. I’d do it in Chronological Order, with Origins first and ending with City. I won’t play Knight because the last time I did on PC it destroyed one of my Hard Drives, and that’s an experience I won’t repeat.

So, those are the games I’ve been thinking about playing. If you’d like me to tackle anything else, please let me know, and if it gets enough votes, I’ll make it work!

And yes, I do realise there are plenty of adventure games on the list. I love the genre! I even wrote a couple of articles on it!

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