We’ve prepared for it, planned, collected prizes, set schedules and warmed our broadcasting muscles. We’ve show awesome games, long games, short games and done a bit of everything. Our big boss has been hard at work behind the scenes, whipping us into shape (with an actual whip!) and making sure we have all our responsibilities down with practiced efficiency, while also coordinating everything, so we owe her a lot!

There are plans, spreadsheets and more, but it’s all for this day:

Gameblast 2016 starts TODAY! We’re raising money SpecialEffect, an amazing charity that creates custom hardware and software to help those with disabilities to enjoy the games many of us take for granted. It’s inspiring and humbling to see them at work, and their success stories will melt even the coldest heart. If that’s you, if seeing what they do brings a tear to your eyes or a smile to your face (or both, we’re not judging), then why don’t you help us raise money for them? Go on the Gamely Giving page right now and donate. If you do,you won’t only enjoy that awesome fuzzy feeling of helping others but we’ll add your name to the many prize draws we’re having over the weekend.

But we’re not just standing still, and we didn’t just plan all of this to sit back and wait. No, as every other Gameblast participant, we’re going to be kicking butt in video games (or getting our kicked anyway)! In fact, we’re going all out and broadcasting for 48 hours! Starting at 1pm GMT, that’s in ONE HOUR!

So head on to the Gamely Giving channel on Twitch.tv and make sure to follow it and the Gamely Giving Twitter account. If you do, you’ll have even more chances to win sweet prizes, and you’ll get to enjoy our many games!

Hope to see you all there!


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