Let’s Play Steve Jackson’s Sorcery!

As you probably know, here on The Mental Attic we don’t do Episodic Reviews. That Order of the Thorne one from last week is the exception and only because it’s an anthology. As a rule, I keep the reviews on Episodic Games clamped down until the end of the season, so I can judge the story properly.

So instead of giving you a preview or a mini-review, I’m going to do something different. Below you’ll find a playthrough of the first segment of Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! This recently released game is based on adventure gamebooks written by Steve Jackson and illustrated by John Blanche. Not to be confused with Steve Jackson from Steve Jackson games—as in Munchkin—they’re two different Jacksonses! The one behind Sorcery! is one of the co-founders of Games Workshop, the company primarily known for Warhammer.

The game is text-based, with different options presented to you, each with its own consequence. There are also detailed art pieces taken directly from the books—and I have to say the style freaks me the hell out!

Much like Inkle’s 80 Days, you need to manage your different resources (stamina, gold and rations) as you make your way across the land on your quest for the Crown of Kings. This is not a nice world, and you’ll often die just by making the wrong choice…or making another one with the same result!

I didn’t know about the books before this game released and now that I’ve played the first episode, I think I’ll take a look at them to see how they play. One thing you’ll notice in the video is my growing frustration with the same things happening no matter what I choose! But who knows, maybe I just made a string of bad choices that locked me onto the super-fun-train of death!


You can find Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! on Steam.

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