Rise of the Lawful Geek

A year or so ago I opened my first channel on Twitch, and like most of my accounts online I called it KKutlesa, my name and surname. Not the most creative I know, but it didn’t matter to me. I didn’t need to hide my name behind an alias, nor did I have any idea about building a brand. It was just a channel to have fun with once in a while.

But then I decided this year to finally make a big push for The Mental Attic and for my own brands, plans and of course, conquer the world. But beyond TMA I had no other name for myself, no brand. Hell, even The Mental Attic was an accidental brand name. It’s one I came up when I found out “The Attic” was taken. I have no naming sense whatsoever when it comes to brands. I can create a hundred different fantasy worlds, characters and stories in the time it takes for me to come up with ONE brand, especially if it’s for me.

So when I joined Extra Life this year and without any clue about what channel to use, or what brand to push, I defaulted to the KKutlesa channel and did my best to make that one the best it could be, even without art, logo, banner, or anything. But then, as it tends to happen, midway through I came up with a brand name that really spoke to me and clearly identified me: LawfulGeek.

But by then it was too late to begin a new channel from scratch so I kept going with KKutlesabut behind the scenes—and with the occasional post—I kept working on this new channel. But now Extra Life ended, and my old channel, KKutlesa, did its thing and went out in a blaze of 18 hours a day gaming glory. It’s time for new things.

Tonight at 6:30pm GMT (1:30pm EST) will be the first broadcast of the LawfulGeek channel. It’s where I’ll be broadcasting from now on, at least on Twitch.

On YouTube, it’ll always be The Mental Attic’s channel, with a few Let’s Play series coming in the next few weeks.

I hope you’ll join me tonight, as I’ll be playing some cool games and hopefully having a nice chat with all of you.

Before I go, I’d like to thank Brittany Seiveno, the amazing and talented Biddoodles. Without her skill and dedication, the new channel art wouldn’t be as awesome! If you’d like to know more about her work, go to the LawfulGeek channel on Twitch for her contact information!

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