Counting down to Extra Life 2015

Only a few more days till we kick off the big event!

I first want to thank all the people who’ve donated so far, thanks to you we’re $106/500 for my participation and $1000 for Team Tomb Raider‘s efforts overall. That is amazing! And there’s still time for more. We hope to reach over $3000 between all participants, but if we can hit my $500 goal, I’ll be more than happy!

I have some news, some changes to the original plan.

  • Raffles will be given out on Monday evening instead of two per day. This is to give you all a chance at winning cool games.
  • We now have Extra Raffles for everyone who has donated, no matter how much. Everyone has equal chance of winning these.
  • The Live D&D 5e Game will happen on Sunday 8th of November at 6pm GMT (1pm EST) and will go on for 2-3 hours. You can donate on the incentives and decide just how rough of a time the players will have!

Finally, I have an announcement coming straight from the Team Tomb Raider headquarters:

The Tomb Raider Extra Life Prize Raffle is now live. Thanks to Crystal Dynamics and several other generous donors, we are giving away a Rise of the Tomb Raider Xbox One console bundle, plus more than 30 other smaller prizes. Here’s the link:

All of the prizes EXCEPT the Xbox One bundle can be shipped worldwide. Crystal Dynamics is donating the console, and for logistical reasons they have stipulated it’s only for North America. People do not have to donate to win, but donors get extra raffle entries.


Hope to see you on our various streams over the course of the week. Any donation, to any of our individual participations, helps get more money to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

For all information, click here

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