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During Rezzed I had the opportunity of taking a few cosplay photos but I didn’t really get into it as I didn’t want to cramp Timlah’s style. He was the cosplay man, in disguise himself, so I just stood in the background and let him do his job. Thanks to him I did get some awesome photos in.

But now Timlah was in some faraway land so it was up to me to take on the EGX cosplay photo-taking duties. Last week I shared a photo of a Peach cosplayer I dubbed the best of EGX Cosplay. I still think he was. The confidence and joy he displayed while walking around dressed as Peach was amazing and it was one of the best moments of my EGX visit.

Below you’ll find a gallery with all the EGX cosplayers who allowed me to take their photos. For each of them I first asked if it was OK to take a photo, as it was the respectful thing to do. And all cosplayers and performers deserve respect, yet I saw many things in EGX, behaviours that bothered me. Thankfully, they were only words spoken in hushed tones and not overt actions.

If you see yourself in the photos, drop a comment and tell us what you were dressed as. I’m fairly knowledgeable but even I have my limits!

Be sure to come back next week when I’ll be going in-depth with some of the cool stuff I saw at EGX 2015

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  1. That’s me as Kasumi – DOA, Em as Misty – pokemon and alice as pikachu – Pokemon, too bad about the wobble :/

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