The LawfulGeek Update!

If you follow my nightly broadcasts, you might have noticed a few things. The first it’s that it’s no longer called the Nightcast. Now it’s LawfulGeek. That’s the name I’ve decided on for Twitch streams. For now, I’m still streaming to the KKutlesa account, because I need the current viewer-base for the Extra Life stream coming in a couple of months. But soon after I will be moving permanently to that channel, because Twitch doesn’t allow name changes (they claim it’s because of their databases, but as someone who works with them for a living, I can tell you that is nonsense!).

There’s another reason I’m holding off though and that is I’m working with an artist for channel art and branding for LawfulGeek. We already have some preliminary sketches that I would love to show you because they are AWESOME!

The second is that I’m no longer just streaming to Twitch. I’ve jumped on the YouTube Gaming bandwagon! It’s a better platform in terms of technology. The videos are more stable, faster and easier to watch. The only downside is YouTube’s considerably strict copyright policies. I’ve yet to have my stream taken down because of copyrighted music, thankfully, but that’s partly to my being careful about the music I play on stream.

Right now, and with their permission, I’m playing Ninja Sex Party and Miracle of Sound songs and the tracks clearly show their names. I still need to work on it, to better give them credit, not only because I’m trying to support them, but also so I don’t get into any trouble.

As for the broadcasts themselves, it’s the same as always. It’s me playing games, failing at them and laughing a bit too much! Currently I’m obsessed with The Binding of Isaac, but I’m also playing a few other games, even though a couple of those pass over most people’s heads and they don’t care about them. Take the Ys games. They’re phenomenal but no one gives a damn about them.

Hopefully soon, within the next six months some of my other plans will have come to fruition and I’ll be able to play newer things on PS4 or WiiU or just newer on PC.

I hope you’ll join me sometime and have some fun. If you do enjoy it, why not hit those subscribe/follow buttons? It’s not necessary, but it does give me a nice little boost to my broadcasting confidence and puts me closer to achieving some of my dreams!

In addition to the channel updates, I do have something else to mention. I won’t be broadcasting from September 23 to October 2, because I’ll be on Holiday! You will still get your fresh batch of articles every week, especially during the week of the 28th as I’ll be in Birmingham for EGX 2015. If you remember how it was earlier this year for Rezzed, you’ll know I’ll be delivering content on the awesome games I find at the event.

But I’ll be back by October 5, ready to broadcast and get some gaming going! I hope you’ll all join me!

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