Let’s Play – Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut

Months ago, when the trailer for Mankind Divided first leaked, I was so excited I had to go back and play Deus Ex: Human Revolution all over again. But to make things more interesting, I decided to leave it up to you, my dear readers, on how I should play the game. I set two polls up, one for the style of play and the other for Adam Jensen’s attitude. He’ll always be a sour, inexpressive bastard but he could be a bastard with a heart of gold or a complete arsehole. In the end, the Stealthy & Good Guy options won, to my eternal disappointment, because that’s how I always play. I find it almost impossible to play bad guys in games, I instinctively go for the friendliest choice. But the vote was clear and so the Stealthy Nicey Jensen Let’s Play began. The last poll was to decide if I would stream it or record it. Recording won so it’s gone up on YouTube.

As part of the Stealthy bit, I used takedowns and in general avoided any confrontations. I did mess up a few times and near the end, in Panchaea, I didn’t bother with the raving mass of lunatics, because it just takes way too much and it’s too tight.

With the Nicey, I didn’t just limit myself to helping others and do quests but I also used it for the combat, being completely non-lethal. I did accidentally kill a few people, which is why I didn’t get the Pacifist achievement, but I wasn’t really aiming for it.

Below you’ll find the playlist, I hope you enjoy it. If you’d like to see me play another game, let me know in the comments here or on YouTube and if you liked what you saw, why not hit that subscribe button?

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4 thoughts on “Let’s Play – Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut”

  1. Sweet memories. This is one of those games which made me love stealth like anything else. Before that I never loved to play stealth-character or stealth based games. DX:HR is such gem that make you care for your play through. I still remember to reload the section if I botched up and killed someone I never intended to do (Except Boss levels, of course) . Love to see the Adam Jansen in action again in video.

    1. Yeah, stealth here was good, very good.

      I aimed for pacifist but there were a few accidental deaths here and there.

      Hope you enjoy the playlist! I’m thinking of doing the same with the older Deus Ex games as well. First Deus Ex and the Frus Deus Ex 2: The Black Sheep of the Series πŸ˜›

      1. Than I have to satisfied with your video as I missed out those gems and now my hands are too much full with too many tactical RPGs. I want to get done with these before new DX release and of course Fallout 4 also in queue. Love to see your play through of old Deus Ex. πŸ™‚

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