Let’s Play Classic Tomb Raider: Chronicles

I know, it’s been a while, but since launching my weekly stream, it’s been difficult to also record these videos. But I’m finally back and now let’s start with Tomb Raider Chronicles, the next to last game Core Design ever made and one of the greatest cash-grab titles to grace the world with its presence. It’s set right after The Last Revelation. Lara’s presumed dead and her friends and family (only 3 of them apparently) gather around the fire with a lot of alcohol and reminisce about some of her earlier adventures.

This is an older game, as such it’s complicated to play it on modern PCs, and often it’ll crash. You’ll see in the first episode, just how many problems I have playing it. Some of it is the lack of autosave which I once again forget about.

Also, this game makes very little sense.

Episode 1 – Roman Nonsense

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