TMA Let’s Play – Deus Ex Human Revolution

A few weeks ago someone leaked the announcement trailer for the Deus Ex: Human Revolution sequel, Makind Divided. As is often the case when I hear about a sequel to a game I love, I immediately thought, “I need to play HR again!” I did the same with the Overlord game when I saw a teaser image from Codemasters–which has now turned into a teaser trailer for Fellowship of Evil.

But with my ongoing Classic Play – Tomb Raider series, I discovered I really like recording playthroughs. So I decided to do the same for this game, one I’ve already cleared a bunch of times in different play styles.

But to make it interesting, and because I value my reader’s opinions, I put up a few polls asking 3 questions:

  • How should I play the game? Stealthy or Rambo-style? If you’ve played the game, you know there’s also hacking, but I consider that a supporting skill, so it fits well with either play style.
  • How should I behave? As this is a role-playing game, Adam can be a nice guy or a complete arsehole. I usually play nice, I can’t help it. I’m only mildly evil, and will enjoy a good laugh at your expense, but it seems I’m a nice guy at heart.
  • How should I record it? Do I stream it on Twitch, or do I record it for YouTube the same way I’ve done with the Tomb Raider and Review videos?

I ran the polls for about a month, and the winners were: Stealthy, Nice Guy and YouTube.

You voted and I obey!

Below you’ll find the ever-increasing number of episodes for this Let’s Play, I hope you enjoy them. Drop a comment if you like (here or on YouTube) and consider subscribing if you find it entertaining.

Part I – Mr. Sunglasses

Part II – Crouching Cyborg

Part III – If you can’t beat’em…hack’em!

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