Classic Play – Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness

So it’s come to this…time to play the bad ones.

It’s no secret that I hate this game and Chronicles. They are the worst Core Design ever came up with for the Tomb Raider franchise. I hated every second of this game and its inane mechanics, especially the ‘power-up’ thing where Lara needs to perform certain actions to become stronger and be capable of climbing further and such. I remember web comics mocking this years ago, much like I did.

Recently I completed my LegendAnniversaryUnderworld Trilogy Classic Play run, and some people voted that I should play the ones I hate. So to prove that your votes matter, I will suffer through the indignity that is The Angel of Darkness.

For this run I’m trying a new format, just a commentary at the start and end of the video, but leaving the middle of it free of my lovely voice. Let me know in the comments if you prefer it this way or you’d like me to talk all the way through the videos.

As always, before the videos you’ll find a couple of polls. Vote and let me know how you want me to play future TR games and which games to pick for the next Classic Play series. I’ll be updating this post as I record more episodes so keep an eye out in the coming weeks!

Part I – Police Escape!

Part II – Faffing about in Paris!

Part III – Crappy Cat Burglar!

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3 thoughts on “Classic Play – Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness”

  1. I can appreciate the effort they made to try and revive the Tomb Raider series but Angel of Darkness was perhaps a little too ambitious and ruined by the need to rush it out to market. My main memories of the game are an overly-smarky Lara who needs chocolate and power-ups to, erm, power-up…and a million and one glitches. Granted, many of the glitches have since been fixed by TR fans (there’s a pretty sizeable AoD fandom out there) and this has made the game a little more playable but I still find it hard to really enjoy this game.

    That said, Chronicles was the worst TR game in my opinion. It lacked any real innovation (unlike Angel of Darkness or even the 2013 reboot) and it felt more like glorified DLC than an actual TR game. The Rome levels were fine but I rarely replay any of the later levels…

    1. Oh Chronicles is atrocious! I remember the glitchy level with the helicopter. Could never finish it. It bugged out constantly. Ugh…I’ll have to play through that again…

      I think I better appreciate AoD a bit more. At least it works…sort of. But the “I’m stronger now” thing is just grating.

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