The Weekly Puzzle – Bomb Disposal Psychic

Puzzles are at the core of Adventure gameplay, they provide challenges for you to overcome with brains rather than brawn. For Action Adventures, they offer a break from the hacky-slashy-stabby-shooty element of title.

Every week I’ll bring you a new puzzle, drawn from some of the best and worst adventure or puzzle games I’ve ever played. Every two weeks I’ll even leave you one of my own for you to solve. If you do, I’ll find a way to reward you!

This week’s puzzle isn’t from an old game, but a rather recent one, about a year or two old, Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller. It’s one of the earliest puzzles in the game, and involves using Erica’s postcognition to figure out the correct way to disable a bomb. You do this by using the power and figuring out the order in which the killer wired the bomb so you can then use the reverse process to defuse it.

It's very clever!
It’s very clever!

It’s not an overly complicated puzzle but I always felt it was very clever. It wasn’t an inventory puzzle but a logic one. Each wire gave you a different vision and you had to deduce the correct order from these jumbled images. The Cognition season has plenty of similar puzzles, but this one in particular has always been my favourite, though the Cordelia/Erica power puzzle in a later episode comes really close. But that’s a subject for another week.

Have you made progress with my little puzzle from last week? Next week is the solution to it and a new one, so make sure you come back!

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