Rezzed 2015 – Taphobos

This one was strange. A game about escaping from a coffin and which you played from inside one. When I first read the press release for Rezzed I said to myself “No way in hell!” but this was my first Rezzed and if I didn’t do it I know I would’ve regretted it.

Thankfully I wasn’t the only one who though the same. Tim from GeekOut South-West had his coffin appointment scheduled one hour after mine. So we decided to be each other’s Coffin-Buddy, to help with the escape bit of the game.

Taphobos, combining the Greek words for Coffin and Fear, put the player outside the coffin on a mission to find his interred friend. The player wearing the VR headset reads out clues to his buddy, who must then interpret them and find the coffin. To make the experience much more intense (and fun), developer James Brown and his team would actually close the lid on the coffin.

For experienced dungeoneers and geeks like Mr. Timlah and myself, it didn’t take us much time to find each other, but it did leave us wanting to play more and to know more. James must’ve seen the look in our eyes because he followed us outside where we had a short interview with him. You can listen to it right below! I do apologise for the audio quality, I’m still learning how to properly edit audio!

Thanks to Timlah from GeekOut South-West for sharing me his mic and for helping me with the interview (I know I sucked at it)! When the game releases we need to be coffin-buddies again, as creepy as that sounds!

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