Classic Play – Tomb Raider Series

As I wrote the past two articles about the Tomb Raider series and where it’s going, I got the urge of playing the old series once again, to relive the fond memories of playing these awesome games. I’ve already started with Tomb Raider: Underworld, the last in the original Lara series.

While I played the game and wrote this week’s article, I decided not to stop here and instead keep playing all the classic Tomb Raider titles in reverse order. I’ll start with Underworld, then Anniversary, Legend and then move on to Last Revelation—skipping the two crappy games I hate: Chronicles and Angel of Darkness—and finishing it all with Tomb Raider 1, 2 & 3.

This will be a weekly series I call Classic Play, and below you can see the first of these videos. As I decided to do this after I started playing the game, the Underworld series picks up from the Croft Crypt level.

Check out the video below, sit back and enjoy watching me die over and over to random stuff and stupid mistakes! Considering how much I screw up this might as well be a blooper run!

If you like it and would like me to play Chronicles and AoD as well, let me know in the comments or the poll below!

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