Rezzed 2015 Here I come!!

Next week I’ll be in London again, not on a job hunt like last time but just to relax and enjoy my first ever Rezzed. For the longest time I’ve been jealous of my good friends at 1001Up and Geekout South-West for this experience. Now it’s my time.

It’s too bad there’s only one day for press, but I’ve already bought tickets for the other two days, as I know I’ll need them to do as much as can be possibly done. I don’t only mean play games, but also interview developers, go to panels and perhaps most importantly, spend time with my good friends, whom I haven’t seen in a painfully long time. It’ll also be the first time Tim and I meet in person, so you best be there, it’ll be a spectacle!

Last year I was supposed to be at EGX, but I accelerated my trip and went to the UK in July. I spent a couple of lovely weeks with the awesome Phil, Kim and Ben. I went to Meltdown for the first time and I enjoyed some time in a beautiful seaside town.

I spent September wishing I still had enough money to attend EGX and spend more time with my friends and help them out interviewing all the interesting people they met. I got the chance of meeting and talking to a few when I went to the NFTS graduation showcase.

Well, it’s finally my time and I intend to make the most of the trip. I know that Rezzed has a special place in the hearts of the 1001Up crew and they like it much more than they do EGX and I’ll finally know why!

Hope to see you all there!

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