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Hello everyone.

In the past few weeks things have been very hectic for me, insane to be honest. I’ve taken huge risks and leaps and grown a lot in the process. I wrote about that a few days ago if you wish to read it for yourself.

I’m currently in transition, trying to figure personal things out, such as what I want. I thought I had it all planned out last year. I knew where I was going, what I was going to do and how things were going to happen but it didn’t work out that way. I wasn’t exactly left adrift, because I still had the idea of where I wanted to be, but I was blinded by it and wouldn’t see other options. What’s done is done and I can’t change it, but it has affected my current situation. There are negatives but I’m also happy at the positives, such as the growth I’ve had in the past few weeks. This has been and still is the greatest adventure. But I want and need to settle soon, in the coming months hopefully and in doing so I hope to figure out all the things I want and need and what I need to say goodbye to to move on with my life. One of my greatest flaws in life is how much I cling to the past and let it drag me down. Letting go has never been my forte and is something I’m still working on.

The Mental Attic has been in transition as well. From the small hobby site it started as, for me to try different story concepts and basically beta test techniques I would later use in my novels, to the varying topics I’ve introduced over the past year, none of them sticking around for long, to the recent plan to overhaul and expand, I recently realised I’ve tried to do too much, too soon and too fast. The Mental Attic isn’t ready to be the big hub of opinions, growth and learning I see in my head. It needs to start smaller, more focused and directed. I still believe in the “Think Better. Think Bigger” philosophy, but I’ve thought Bigger for too long and now it’s just time to think Better.

The Mental Attic will return to a recurring schedule soon, but it’ll be more focused. Instead of broad subjects I’ll focus on the things that interest me and those closest to me as people: Film, TV, Gaming and Writing. Those are the core of my lifestyle, the interests that make me who I am. You will see more reviews of games I’m playing, old or new it doesn’t matter. If I get review codes, fine, if not I’ll review as soon as I’ve played it. Same with Film and TV. As for writing I’ll talk about books I’m reading and give out my own lessons on novel writing, coming from my own limited experience. I will also, from time to time explore other ideas, as my mind tends to wander.

The most important part though is that it will be constant. There will be articles each week and there will never be a week without articles. I won’t promise I’ll have articles every single day, especially not now as I’m in this situation, but I will strive for publishing every week. I will still be open to contributions of course, if there’s anything you wish to share with the world. The Attic doors are open to you, even if the topic doesn’t belong to those I’ve mentioned.

Things are changing. I am changing and The Mental Attic needs to finally have direction and purpose, a road to follow to reach that goal I have for it. But it first needs to take its first proper steps instead of stumbling around as I’ve had it doing for so long. I’ve always been impatient, I want things and I want them now, but some things shouldn’t be rushed. I’ve learned that lesson the hard way and it’s time I apply that lesson to everything else, including this site. It’ll take time for things to reach the level I aspire, but that’s OK, there’s always a first step.

Hope you come back and see what is happening, and more than that I hope what you read entertains and enlightens you.


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