Vincent delivers a fantastic article on the trailer for Hatred…which we all hate!

Alpha Signal Five

Destructive Creations creates something destructive…to my attention span.

“My genocide crusade begins here…” says the lead character of upcoming PC game Hatred, as he gears up with guns, grenades and a knife before opening his front door and unloading clips into his enemies.

Hatred video game Destructive Creations

That’s a fine way to kick off a game – your hero, surrounded, realises that the only way out is to blast his way out against the armed forces outside to complete his holy mission – but the armed forces aren’t armed. They’re not even forces. They’re innocent passers-by.

And that is just the beginning of a needlessly violent gameplay trailer which also appears to be the full extent of your objectives: kill and maim unarmed, innocent humans who do nothing but run from your (unnamed, not mysterious) character.

(WARNING: The trailer below contains loads and loads of senseless violence, including some up-close uses of knives and…

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