Bending alignments: part 3

My good friend Joel from 1001-Up and Geekout Southwest takes us through the different ways to portray Vampires using the Alignment Axis

The axis system is an old method of helping to build the characteristics of a player character in tabletop RPGs. It places the ethical outlook of an individual on a simple scale based on their attitudes to law and order against freedom and chaos, and whether they are objectively viewed as good or evil.

Title - Bending alignments part 1

They are a small part of a character’s composition but one that players often set too much store by, letting it govern how they play, and it’s a common source of argument. Good, evil, law and chaos are subjective viewpoints; it’s up to you how you and your character interpret them.

For the next part of this series, I will take a common role that can fall into any classic role-play setting and present them from the angle of every alignment on the chart. This week:

The Vampire

Monster? Maybe. Powerful, certainly, and dangerous. Vampires are…

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