Check out my latest review on 1001-Up, The Waste Land, a monumental Waste of Time

The Waste Land is an action-adventure title, developed by Fledermaus and published by Digital Tribe Games. It’s set in a fantasy world where the King has to travel across his land to restore the balance of good and evil.

Title - The Waste Land


  • Developer: Fledermaus
  • Publisher: Digital Tribe Games
  • Release: September 2014
  • Platforms available: PC
  • Platform reviewed: PC
  • Source: We received a review copy of the game, but it’s available to buy from Steam
  • Trailer: YouTube
  • Prequel: None
  • Sequel: None
  • Other 1001 title: None
  • 1001-Up: Strong controls
  • 1001-Down: Bad game design, drab environments and predictable plot
  • Rating-Up: MAN-UP (16 out of 60)

    If you’ve ever read other reviews I’ve written for, then you know how much I like Metroidvania games so when The Waste Land came around, I took it. I had to play and review it. The Steam store page said it was true Metroidvania and I read…

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