My latest article on 1001-Up. I really enjoyed writing it!

Every roleplaying game out there be it a rules heavy system or a storytelling focused one classifies characters into archetypes. Call them classes, skins, clans, pantheons, castes or anything else, these archetypes define the different skills, special abilities and proficiencies the characters have.

Sometimes they even define their overall behaviour and because of this and the different fiction that accompanies the RPGs, stereotypes set in for each of these archetypes.

As it is the oldest RPG in the world and because in one way or another it has influenced every other RPG released since then we’ll be using Dungeons & Dragons classes as the names of these archetypes.

Dungeons & Dragons classes are also the best examples of some of these stereotypes and they themselves are based on classical (fantasy) archetypes. Three of these in particular: the Rogue (Thief), Fighter (Warrior) and Wizard are the base for most tabletop and…

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