Issue 6 of Katie’s DIY PR Series

Katie Hallahan

It’s a crazy busy week for me, but I said I’d post once a week on this topic and dammit I plan to! So this week, I’m doing shout-outs to blogs I know and read and think are really cool. “Why? What’s this got to do with PR?” you may ask. And I may point you to topics I’ve discussed at length in the past. Now, without further adieu!

Auston Habershaw. I’ve known Auston since I was a freshman in college — he’s a very creative and fun person, runs and writes fantastic RPGs, and fiction, and blog posts. If you’ve ever gamed, or enjoyed some sci-fi or fantasy, or tried to make it as a writer in any capacity, you’ll enjoy his blogs. Blunt, honest, no hedging his opinions when they may be “unpopular,” and yet insightful and quite enjoyable. I know Auston had his reservations about blogging…

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