Issue 5 of Katie’s DIY PR Series

Katie Hallahan

Community: Vital for good PR, marketing, and business success. Also a fantastic TV show. Six seasons and a movie!

The restaurants you go to are the ones your friends review positively on Yelp. The books and video games you read and play are the ones your buddies are playing, and the movies you go to are the ones you and your friends or significant other agree you all have an interest in seeing. Word of mouth is one of, if not the, biggest factors in determining where and how we spend our money. So, how do you get good word of mouth going about your business or product?

Engage your community! It’s not entirely dissimilar to building a relationship with press and media contacts, really. Let’s put down the givens: Any media person knows you ultimately want coverage, and any potential consumer knows you want them to buy what you’re selling…

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