My Teslagrad Review on, enjoy!

Teslagrad is a 2013 2D puzzle-platformer developed by Rain Games , a Norwegian indie developer. It features a collection of puzzle rooms where you must navigate to one of the exits, using precise timing and the power of magnetism. Take a look here for our interview with the team from September 2013.

Title - Teslagrad


  • Developer: Rain Games
  • Publisher: Rain Games
  • Release: December 2013
  • Platforms available: Linux, Mac, PC
  • Platform reviewed: PC
  • Source: The game can be bought from Steam for £6.99
  • Trailer: YouTube
  • Prequel: None
  • Sequel: None
  • Other 1001 title: None
  • 1001-Up: Fantastic puzzle deisng and ‘show-not-tell’ storytelling
  • 1001-Down: Barely any plot, bosses are frustrating and tiresome
  • Rating-Up: POWER-UP (42 out of 60)

    Rain Games started development on Teslagrad in 2011 using the Unity3D engine, as a second title set in their Minute Mayhem (their first proposed game) universe. It eventually became their main project, with the original Minute Mayhem

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