Deus Ex Human Revolution Director’s Cut – Reworked Boss Fights

When Deus Ex Human Revolution first released, there was quite a bit of backlash because of the boss design, forcing you into straight-up shootouts when your build might not be the most Action Star oriented. Thankfully, this “little” issue with the game has now been fixed with the Director’s Cut, released on October 2013, in which all three major boss fights: Barrett, Yelena and Namir have been overhauled, allowing for multiple strategies depending on your build.Having said that, I had no problem with the original fights, as all Deus Ex games have had boss fights in one way or another, and in all you had to shoot your way through without stealth or hacking involved, just you, plenty of cover and the bosses.

Below you’ll find my playthroughs of these new fights. My build is a bit of a hybrid, getting the best of each branch. Since this was my third or fourth play through Deus Ex Human Revolution, I already knew what I needed to ensure success. Yo can see, on my fight with Barrett, how my build was at the moment.

First Boss: Barrett

Second Boss: Yelena

Third Boss: Namir

Which fight did I like the most? I have to say Barrett. Aside from the Turrets, the layout of the room gives you plenty of room to work with and shoot from. The other 2 bosses, while the area has been expanded, are still pretty close quarters, and the bosses pursue you relentlessly, not giving you much of a chance of anything.

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