I was going to write my own review, but V already did an incomparable job with it. So I’ll just blatantly rip…I mean, I’ll reblog her stuff!
The only thing I’d say and need to impress on you is HOW BAD Josh Hutcherson’s acting is…it’s soulless!

The Verbal Spew Review

It seems as though the world and his ma have been reviewing Catching Fire in a frenzy of superlatives and JLaw pics. I’m afraid I’ll be no different as today I did exactly what I claimed I would do in yesterday’s Sunday Spew; I bunked off work this afternoon and went to the cinema. I shared the theater with a small team of truant teens who were obviously on the hop from school (I can’t judge) and apart from us, the gigantic main screen of the oldschool Savoy was relatively empty. This enabled me to choose the perfect row and perfect seat for my optimum enjoyment of the flick and I quickly settled in with my smuggled Smokey Mountain Whopper burger from BK (it was awesome) and a favourite ice-cold canned beverage. This was a non-alcoholic canned beverage by the way, I might be uncouth enough to smuggle in take-away…

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