Attic Cleanup – 08-12-2013

This week’s feature image comes from To Aru Majutsu no Index’s Academy City’s Cleaning Bots, aren’t they cute? You need to all check out that series, it’s fantastic.

This has been an interesting week, more on the personal side than The Attic.

On my end of the deal, for the first time since I started at my current day job, I had to work during the weekend, which sucked. I call it the End of the Year Syndrome, when clients’ expectations and needs reach ludicrous levels and the deadlines reach the Spaceballs patented Ludicrous Speed…I just hope they don’t go into plaid.

Thankfully, that hasn’t stopped my gaming, writing and blogging and of course, watching more series in a week than I really should. This week had some fantastic episodes of some of my favourite series with the penultimate Sons of Anarchy episode making it so hard to wait for the season finale, which promises to be fantastic. Supernatural had its mid-season finale, dropping some interesting revelations that hopefully will change the game from here on out. Almost Human’s fourth episode keeps delivering high quality writing and acting, and Dorian screwing with his partner during the opening scene was one of the week’s high points. Grimm had a very good Grimm-twisted Exorcist-themed episode, with a hilarious moment with Monroe dropping complicated German Wessen terminology that only he and his girlfriend seemed to understand. Dracula had the count walking on sunshine…for about 5 minutes before starting to burn. I keep having to remind myself that this isn’t Stoker’s Dracula, this isn’t the badass overpowered Vampire I fear and love.

On the gaming side, I finished Jane Jensen’s Gray Matter, a fantastic adventure game, and I’ll write the review this week, and while I’m still deciding, I think it’ll get top Attic Scores. For a moment, having finished Gray Matter and Cognition I thought I wouldn’t have more Adventure games to play, but then I saw Broken Sword 5 on steam and I yelped, giggled and bounced on my seat…probably not one of my manliest moments but one all gamers will understand. Of course, since then I’ve remembered I have a 5-game backlog of adventure games to go through…obtained during some GoG offers.

I also finished A Link Between Worlds, collecting and finding everything. I thoroughly enjoyed the game and will review it in one or two weeks.

After some cool news on Tuesday afternoon, I had to go to the doctor on Friday for some tests and general checkup. I’m fine, don’t worry, but sometimes checks and doctor appointments are necessary to make sure everything’s in working order. I left the doctor’s happy, having lost 15 Kg in the past 2.5 months. Finally, I had proof all the dieting and exercise were working.

I read some really cool posts this week in Blogdom. V nominated me for two awards, making me blush…and forcing me to come up with yet another list of random facts about myself. I’ll be sure to make her pay…I mean thank her appropriately in my post this week. Craig, from, spoke of Slender’s retirement, relationship and the opening of his daycare enterprise. During this year’s Spike VGX Telltale dropped announcements for both Borderlands and Game of Thrones adventure games, and you can read all about them on John’s site. Kelly M had a fantastic piece on the elusive Queen Himiko and her possible resting place. She’s also provided me a good list of Egyptology sites I need to check out.

Craig’s Slender-man retirement post reminded me of this other funny 1001-Up piece.

On the Attic side of things, this was a slow week, with nothing happening, at least nothing you can read or see. I worked on a few things this week, and have been setting some other stuff up that could lead to some very cool pieces. But there isn’t much to talk about for this week, but next week, if all things go well, promises to be a very active one!

Tomorrow, if everything works out, you’ll have my piece on Horror, on what makes Good and effective Horror, which I hope is just the first in many pieces on the subject.

Yesterday, Phil from 1001-Up and I played Left 4 Dead 2, with Kim & Craig doing the backseat driving for their teammate. We did okay, though the NPCs kept topping us on zombie slaying. John and V were supposed to join us, but V couldn’t make it and John fell into a Skyrim-induced stupor, missing the action, the highlight being the game getting tired of us and send wave after wave of Tanks after us. It quickly became too much for us to handle and we perished at the hands of the mutated horde.

You’ll probably see the footage this week on their site and I’ll make sure to share it with you all.

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  1. Cheers for the mention! 🙂 I hope you enjoy those Egyptology blogs. There are surprisingly few good & regularly updated blogs on Ancient Egypt…

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