Attic Cleanup! 24-11-2013

This has been an interesting week to be honest. Work is still as annoying as ever but the week has had some major events, and I’ve had a lot of fun.

Let’s go over my side of things and general news first!

This week saw the release of Assassin’s Creed 4 for PC and The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds for 3DS and I’ve already bought both and have been losing hours and hours exploring these fantastic worlds. And while not a new game, my Pandora’s Toward Wii game finally arrived this week and I’ve also been playing it, enjoying the mix of Castlevania and Dark Souls it provides. The story is dark as hell and the gameplay is pretty solid.

On a more personal or perhaps professional note, depending on your point of view, the cool John Heatz invited me to start writing on his site, and I have graciously accepted, and am currently working on my debut piece. You can expect it coming this week or the next.

My first review for was published this week as well, and I reviewed Okami, one of the best games I’ve ever played, and if someone was to review it, it had better be me. I’m hoping there will be plenty of contributions with 1001-Up, and I’ve already let them know which games of their Review list I could possibly do in the future.

On the TV side, this week’s episode of Arrow left me speechless in the end, jumping in my seat as I had a geekgasm. I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t seen it, but it’s worthwhile, and just proved how much Arrow can deliver.

Sadly, for me, there were no new episodes of Grimm and Dracula this week…but I did catch the Covert Affairs season finale, and it left me wondering where they’d take the series now. When your season’s scale is so large and deals with the recurring villain, it’s hard to picture the next season topping it.

Now on the Attic:

This week I received a fantastic nomination for the Sunshine Award and once again, I thank the awesome Lunaliah for the nomination. Following the award rules, I immediately spread the love to some of the coolest sites I’m following.

I published my Batman: Arkham Origins review yesterday, a really cool game with some massive quality control issues and my Buggiest Game of Year winner. Even so I found the experience one everyone should enjoy, and you should read the review if you haven’t yet.

For next week, I’ve already finished the first draft of my Xenoblade Chronicles review, and as it was with my review of Okami, I had to really dig deep to find anything wrong with the game, since it’s so good and well made. I’m also waiting for the third episode of Almost Human, J.J. Abrams new show, so I can review it. You know me, the reviews are written after a 2-3 episode window, to give you a push if you need a bit more convincing to stick with it, or run away.

I’ll soon publish the new Roberto’s story, titled “Who needs an exorcist?”, but I’m trying to get a few reviews done before I really get working on it. It’s the longest story so far with plenty of plot points to go through and making me sad I don’t have an artist to do some cool pieces to go along with it.

Aside from that, there are a few projects brewing between myself and my minions…I mean co-conspirators, and you’ll probably see more cool collaborations between our sites! We’ve tentatively marked down the 14th of December for another playthrough video, this time featuring co-op play. We’re still planning and deciding what we’ll play, but I’ll update you as soon as I can!

I hope your weekends were as good as mine, see you around!

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