Sunshine Award!!

The awesome Lunaliah has nominated me for the Sunshine Award!! Thank you so very very much! I’m honored!!!


Now, for the rules:

  1. Use the logo above in the post – Done!
  2. Link to whoever nominated you – Done!
  3. Write ten pieces of information about yourself.
  4. Nominate ten fellow bloggers “who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogsphere.”
  5. Leave a comment on the nominees’ blogs to tell them of the award.

Now, 10 facts about myself…hmm…this’ll be difficult since I suppose I can’t repeat stuff I’ve already posted hahaha

  1. I’m pretty resistant to cold. I lived in Switzerland when I was a kid and I would go outside in the snow in shorts! And about three 4 years ago I went to Canada in the winter and I was out and about in t-shirts at -22°.
  2. My native tongue is Spanish (I live in Venezuela), but I speak English fluently and my French is intermediate. So I’m borderline trilingual.
  3. I every language I speak, my head gets ahead of my mouth and I end up mumbling…you can see it happening in a lot of my videos.
  4. One of the novel series I’m working on is based on a very vivid dream I can remember in high detail…very appropriate considering it’s Lovecraftian and the man pretty much wrote his dreams hahaha.
  5. I can be a monumental pain in the ass when I want something.
  6. I hate not having answers, and even while distracted I’ll keep thinking about stuff “in the background”.
  7. Starting from University onwards, every time I do something, I run through all possible outcome scenarios in my head…I can’t even control it, I just do it. It’s especially exhausting when it comes to personal stuff and relationships.
  8. I have only ONE tradition in my life: On my birthday, I make a bunch of Lasagnas and proceed to eat them with my friends!
  9. Thanks to the show TableTop, I got addicted to Table Top games and I ended up spending about $200 on them…I haven’t bought more for lack of cash.
  10. I avidly play RPGs, not the videogame kind but the tabletop, with character sheets and everything. I’m currently running a couple, a Pathfinder game and a Star Wars one. You can check out my post on my gamemastering style to see what kind of a pain in the ass I can be 😛

Now to nominated a few other bloggers!!

  2. John Heatz
  3. Verbal Spew Review
  4. Drakulus
  5. The Dad, Gentleman Geek
  6. After-Dark Gaming
  7. Lunaliah
  8. The Archaeology of Tomb Raider
  9. Poppycock Reviews
  10. An Aging Gamer


So, that’s it…again, thanks to the awesome Lunaliah for the nomination!!

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