After the awesome Outlast Scare-up on, V from VerbalSpewReview, JohnHeatz from and I decided to do our own Scared playthroughs of the game.

I’m the first one doing it.

Following their Scare-Up, I decided I’d play the game following this rule: I play until I die, which I did, about 5-10 minutes before 1001up did, and I feel sad about that, I wanted to beat their progress…even if I complain about playing such a scary game every minute.

I have to say I was scared as hell. You can tell by that one high-pitched scream and the fact I stood still for a long while.

You can watch it here (I don’t know how to embed videos here)

We’ve been talking about this, and the plan is to do one of these playthroughs maybe once a month, but we’re still in the planning stages.

I hope you excuse the poor camera but I was using my laptop’s and with such a dark game and the lights out (no point in playing this game with the lights on) you can barely see me, but this is my first time doing this and I didn’t take those things into account, next time I’ll try to have a light or something close to me so you can see my horrified expressions more clearly.

Also, the video is a bit twitchy…that may be my fault for not setting things up correctly…again, first time, I’ll take care of that for the next Playthrough

Hope you like it.



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