Small request!

Hello wonderful readers!

Just popping in to ask you something, it won’t take more than a few seconds to do it each time, but could you rate the posts you read? It’s mostly eye-candy and an ego-boost for me, but I’d appreciate a LOT! Do it this week only if it’s too much trouble, if only because this Sunday’s my birthday πŸ™‚

IF you can share on twitter &/or Facebook, it’s optional, but welcome too!

Considering this is my birthday week, I’m no promising any new posts, but there’s a chance of any of these:

– Pathfinder RPG Review: Game I’m currently running, it’s pretty cool for those of you who love 3.5 edition over 4th D&D.

– Star Wars Saga Edition Review: Old, yes, even more with FFG’s new game, but I’ll post it because I think it deserves its fair shake.

– Night of the Rabbit (PC) review: A Daedalus Entertainment (Deponia) Point & Click Adventure Game I’m currently playing.

– Cognition (PC) review: An episodic Point & Click Adventure Game.

– Geeking Shadows, a new Unnatural Investigations Inc. story, set during Comic-Con 2013.

– Clarity, Roberto Peralta’s big comeback story, starting from the cruel (to readers) cliffhanger I left it at.

Also I’ll take the opportunity to mention a new plan I have. In the following weeks/months, I’ll be working on the details, including legal stuff (just in case) for a new Web Novel for The Mental Attic, set in the almost orgasmic (for me) Star Wars universe. The series (it won’t be just one novel) is tentatively called Igniters, and I can’t say anymore!

Oh and of course, I welcome you to like the Blog on Facebook and follow me on Twitter @Kkutlesa . Most of the time I tweet or write on Facebook what I’m working on, and if you like/want you can make requests, I know a few who are waiting for Lillian Carpenter to come back.

Speaking of which, I should line out my plans for Urban Arcana:

– Roberto’s stories have priority for now, until I close down Act I aka Curses to Bear

– I’ll still post some Recruitment Drive stories for Unnatural Investigations Inc. in between.

– After that I’ll cycle between Tiger, Lillian & The Illusionist until I’m satisfied they’ve been cared for enough

And then…

THE HARROWING, a multi-part crossover between ALL MY CHARACTERS, and featuring side-stories from NPCs’ (Non-Protagonist Character. It works even outside Videogames!) point of view

That’s it for now, it’s getting late.

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